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Breezy summertime

In summer, when it comes to beauty, we tend to get relaxed about things. Of course, stylish women know that getting an easy, breezy summertime look is anything but easy, says Caroline Bourke Skin Even if you use an SPF, the sun is still drying. Dehydrating the skin can also increase oil production and cause blemishes. After being in the sun, cleanse, tone and apply a hydrating mask to rehydrate and plump the skin from a long day. Then use a moisturiser, making sure you choose a lighter one in summer than winter. Feet It’s especially important to take care of your feet in summer, when us girls tend to wear a lot of open-toed shoes. Your heels get dried and cracked. Use a moisturising product that also includes an antibacterial agent, such as tea tree oil. And get a pedicure. Nails For holiday nails stay away from your safe colours and go for something bright, this summer is all about pretty colours and bright coloured nails always give you that summer feeling.


Caroline ‘s Secrets

Bronze isn’t a new look, but, this year, the shades are much lighter - more peach than terracotta. “The trick is to mix and layer to get the perfect effect,” explains make-up artist Caroline Bourke. Dos and don’ts *Do choose radiant textures to make the bronzed look less flat. *Don’t go for ultra-shiny lips - matte is more sophisticated. *Do apply your bronzer in moderation. Remember, you want it to look like the colour is your real skin, rather than the after-effects of a holiday. Step by step: 1. Apply a light foundation using your fingers. 2. When applying the bronzer, make sure you stay away from the top of your cheekbones. This way, you contour your face with the colour, making you appear slimmer. Apply colour to the forehead, hairline, under the cheekbones and around the jawline. A little on the base of your neck will look pretty, too. 3. Save time by using your bronzer as an eyeshadow. Brush it onto the eyesockets, but go easy and a little light