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Wedding makeup

To ensure that your makeup looks fantastic, make sure you have a trial a few months before your wedding day. Skin This is where it all begins. Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun in the weeks leading up to the wedding. If you don’t already use lip balm and moisturiser, now is the time to start. These items will keep your skin refreshed. Lip balm will moisturise your lips which is helpful because colour fades unevenly on dry lips. For brides with oily skin, be sure to avoid any harsh skin treatments as these can actually increase the amount of oil in your skin. A better alternative is a skin care routine with cleansers and balancers made specifically for your skin type. Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup in the months leading up to the wedding. You should aim to have your makeup choices made at least a month before the wedding so that you can be sure you do not have nasty reactions to new products. Get your last regular facial a week


Travel light

Let beauty expert Caroline Bourke give you a hand with the packing this Summer… First of all, avoid overstuffed toilet bags by using small plastic bottles (Boots sell some cute ones!) Which you can fill with your favourite products; or buy from companies that sell travel ready samples. Ask for miniature sizes next time you buy your favourite cream or shampoo, or consider investing in a few slim sachets which take up almost no space. You can get anything from self-tanner to deodorant in sachets. And don’t forget your travel toothbrush! Be sure to pack the minimum. Bring only the essentials from your skincare range and your make-up bag and limit yourself to only a few indulgences. This is supposed to be a holiday after all. Leading make-up artists say that they can make up a whole face using just a lipstick. Find a suitable colour like light pink or peach, and use it on your cheeks and eyes as well as your lips. Finish with a quick touch of mascara and you’re ready to g