Monthly Archives : August 2012

Caroline ‘s Secrets

Do you know how many women apologise when they meet me? They say “I’m sorry” as fast as they can to pre-empt any judgement I could make. They think I am going to form an instant opinion based on their lipstick application, choice of eye-colour or blusher. Perhaps they are only doing this because they feel slightly intimidated that I am a make-up artist. It saddens me to think it’s something they may do with other people as well. Women need to be much kinder and forgiving about themselves and banish certain words from their vocabularies, such as old, fat and ugly. Girls, I want you all to look in the mirror and notice the positive aspects of your appearance before the negative. It’s impossible to change your attitude towards yourself overnight, but once you get some positive ideas in your head, it will start to promote your self-confidence in life. If you define yourself by your looks, others will as well. Being attractive is not just about physical appearance but true b