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Why I Choose Dior and Chanel

Being a make-up artist who offers wedding makeup services and makeup courses in Limerick, Galway and Killarney, I know only too well from years of experience that trusted brands like Dior and Chanel offer outstanding results when it comes to looking your best. Ease of application and value for money, as well as long-lasting coverage are the key reasons why I buy high-end make-up.  Consistency is also an important factor, and makeup must be consistent from one purchase to the next. Of course the range availability needs to be constant, when we achieve our favourite look, we want to hold onto it and know it’s there when we need it at the shops.  You can score some cheaper purchases and that’s fine, but if and when we can, we deserve the best! Here are the Dior face products and Chanel eye products that I always recommend to my clients.   Face makeup Dior provides top drawer makeup. Their face products include primers that offer longer hold and a comfortable base f