Gym Gear Inspiration

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner and most of the country is on a slimming mission.

I always find that some new gym gear keeps me motivated, find what works for you I suppose. There’s some great sportswear around at the moment though and it might be just the inspiration you need to get up and go.








I also think you should invest in some good trainers. These Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 ones come in a variety of styles and colours and are stylish as well as sporty.


If you are looking for something to work with your fitness routine, I would definitely suggest trying the Skinny Tea. It is great for helping eliminate toxins and reduces bloating as well. This might not be for everyone but I find it works for me. Once you’re healthy and eating well, that’s all that matters. Just remember to be sensible about it.

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x Caroline