Metallics for day

1.    Prep the eyes and lightly apply foundation. Using a wet small brush, apply a strong silver pigment all the way across the lid, stopping just under the brow bone. 2.    Using a wet thin brush, apply an antique gold pigment under the eye, close to the lash line. 3.    Apply a creamy white pencil to the inner rim of the eye. This is great for tired eyes as it will open them up and make them look brighter. 4.    Curl lashes, and apply black mascara to the top lashes only. Use a cream blush to make the skin look dewy (this also refreshes tired-looking eyes). Apply a berry lip stain to the lips. Tips It is very important to do the mascara only when you are completely happy with the eye shadow because of the fallout. I have a thing for shiny eyebrows! So I use a little clear gloss; it’s also great for keeping your brows in place. Using translucent powder Even if you hate powder, you’ll need this for blending and prepping your eyes. Beware of any p